Smile design, maxillofacial surgery, jaw joint disorders, bruxism (clenching teeth) And Click to see all our services including squeezing),
pedodontics and dentures.

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Dental Implant

With the help of implants, instead of removable dentures, the missing of more than one tooth still bridges are built.

Braces Treatment (Orthodontics)

Developmental or post-occurrence using orthodontic wires or clear aligners dental or correction of skeletal disorders.

kanal tedavisi
Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Canal treatment is the treatment of tooth decay into the pulp chamber of the tooth, which contains the nerves and vessels. It is done when it reaches it.

protez diş
Prosthetic Teeth

Prosthetic teeth, acrylic, resin, special plastics and designed to look real light It is an artificial tooth made of metal and used instead of natural teeth.

estetik diş hekimliği
Aesthetic Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the treatment of dental caries with worn, discolored, gaping and broken teeth. performs the treatment of teeth with shape, texture and deformity.

diş dolgusu
Tooth Filling

By filling the gaps that bacteria can enter, the progression of caries is prevented. Filling Materials such as gold, porcelain, and amalgam are used for this.


Dentapolis Torbalı Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

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Dentapolis Oral and Dental Health Center İzmir

As Dentapolis, we have been serving since 2010 with our experienced staff in oral and dental health services. sideways We provide service in Torbalı, Izmir.

In our clinics equipped with the latest technology, with our specialist physicians with academic careers mouth And are you ready to regain your dental health?

We guarantee painless treatment by Turkey's leading dentists. Continued..

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